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Celebrating Women at IMI

In the second part of our tribute to women working at IMI, we would like to spotlight a woman that has worn many hats during her time with IMI.  Stephanie came to us as a millwright with a little over 10 years' experience, and is now the Director of our sister company, Safe Workforce Development. Stephanie believes that "safety can be not only caring, but fun and interesting" and sets out to make sure that everyone she works with is safe & successful.

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Celebrating Women at IMI

Before the close of Women's History Month, we wanted to take a few moments to spotlight women that work for IMI. Today, we are introducing Melissa.  She works as a welder in our structural fabrication shop. Melissa's words of advice to young ladies that want to take up welding are "trust yourself and don't let something as silly as fear hold you back from being who you are called to be."

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Picnic Fundraiser 2022!

IMI believes community involvement  builds strong communities and strong businesses.  At our annual company picnic, a handful of our Project & Shop Managers volunteered to sit in a dunk tank to raise money for ESP.  Our employees were eager to see them dunked.  They donated $2,000 for chances to hit the target & send the [...]

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We’re in This Together

To our customers, Thank you for your business, we would like you to know how we are addressing COVID-19. As of March 24th, 2020, we are continuing to operate and provide the best service to our manufacturing partners across the Southeast. Our workforce remains strong, with no reported or suspected cases of COVID-19.  We are [...]

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Oregon Wood Torrefaction Project

IMI is pleased to have been selected to partner with Oregon Torrefaction, LLC. and the U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities. on their Restoration Fuels project in located in John Day, Oregon. Not sure what Torrefaction is?  No worries, you’re in the majority!  This process involves roasting and compressing wood chips into a pellet or [...]

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Merry Christmas from IMI

As some of you know 2018 marked IMI's 30th anniversary. As we have grown over time, many things have changed: industries, political environments, and even some of the markets we serve. However, many things haven't including our pledge to quality and the dedication of our people. Scott pretty much sums up our commitment with his [...]

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It’s a Blast at IMI

At IMI, we are always looking for ways that we can add value for our customers. The addition of our new shot blast machine, to our Specialty Coating division, brings a new facet to the surface preparation and coating services we already offer. Shot blasting is performed for a few different reasons. You may need [...]

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IMI: R Stamp Certified!

IMI Industrial Services Group is excited to announce that we are now R Stamp* certified! This means we are licensed to repair and/or alter boilers, pressure vessels, and other pressure-retaining items. Our Piping Department & Quality Manager put in long hours working towards this goal. The authorized inspection agency reviewed IMI’s quality manual, our policies [...]

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