Celebrating Women at IMI

In the second part of our tribute to women working at IMI, we would like to spotlight a woman that has worn many hats during her time with IMI.  Stephanie came to us as a millwright with a little over 10 years' experience, and is now the Director of our sister company, Safe Workforce Development. Stephanie believes that "safety can be not only caring, but fun and interesting" and sets out to make sure that everyone she works with is safe & successful.

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Celebrating Women at IMI

Before the close of Women's History Month, we wanted to take a few moments to spotlight women that work for IMI. Today, we are introducing Melissa.  She works as a welder in our structural fabrication shop. Melissa's words of advice to young ladies that want to take up welding are "trust yourself and don't let something as silly as fear hold you back from being who you are called to be."

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Picnic Fundraiser 2022!

IMI believes community involvement  builds strong communities and strong businesses.  At our annual company picnic, a handful of our Project & Shop Managers volunteered to sit in a dunk tank to raise money for ESP.  Our employees were eager to see them dunked.  They donated $2,000 for chances to hit the target & send the [...]

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Rotary Dryer Move

IMI Industrial Services Group is currently in the midst of fabricating a stainless steel vacuum rotary dryer for a client in Athens, Georgia. Currently under construction, IMI used its company owned cranes to flip the dryer in order to continue fabrication of the other end. The dryer will eventually be installed at the customer's main [...]

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Large Scale Fabrication

IMI recently fabricated the framework for an oven loader system for a client in Carrollton, Georgia. This immense structure stands 24' x 24'. Our overhead crane and fabrication floor space in the dedicated structural fabrication shop allows us to complete large scale projects. Our client provided the engineered blueprints and IMI took it from there. [...]

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Mass Production

IMI Industrial Services Group machining department can produce multiple intricate parts with our high precision CNC machines and skilled technicians. The design and engineering department offers services with cost effective solution to most companies looking to improve their ROI. Our machine shop is superior in the CNC machining and manufacturing of mass production, turnkey products [...]

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Pump Installation

IMI installed three sump pumps at a building materials industrial facility in Athens, Georgia. The new pump bases and piping were fabricated by IMI at our shop in Watkinsville and then delivered to the Customer promptly for installation. IMI's Mechanical crew installed assemblies in the sump basin, enabling the pumps to send dirty water away [...]

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Boiler Access Platform

IMI recently designed, built, and installed a boiler access platform for a wood mill client in Alabama. Our Engineering department designed the OSHA compliant platform, stairs, and handrails. Our Structural Fabrication department utilized their experience to provide the production of prefabricated assemblies. Our Field Services team performed the installation in two days for the client. [...]

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