Our piping group works as part of our overall team and individually to complete piping jobs of varying types and sizes.

Full-Service Piping

With clients in the pharmaceutical, commercial, manufacturing, institutional and power markets, IMI has completed numerous projects ranging from complete plant piping systems to small, specialized projects.

  • BPE

  • ASME Section IX

  • ASME Codes B31.1, B31.2, B31.3

  • API 1104

  • Certified Weld Inspector Certification

  • Orbital

industrial piping orbital welder

On-Site Installations

Modular Skids

IMI’s pipe shop fabrication team provides a variety of modular skids, of various systems, that allow for quick on-site installation, reduced man hours, scheduling conflicts and on-site interruption.

Certified Weld Inspector

An on-site CWI ensures all welds are performed to applicable code. From x-ray quality hand welds to mass production shop fabrication, our team is well trained and equipped to perform any task.


Quality Pipe Fabrication

The National Board R-Stamp Certification allows IMI to make repairs and/or alterations to coded pressure vessels per the National Board Inspection Code.  Obtaining this certification was an important part of IMI’s goal to be a single-source contractor for industrial projects. We want to meet customers’ design, fabrication, and installation needs under one purchase order.

Dependable, resourceful and accountable.

Project Managers coordinate and oversee each project from beginning to end.

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