IMI is pleased to have been selected to partner with Oregon Torrefaction, LLC. and the U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities. on their Restoration Fuels project in located in John Day, Oregon.

Not sure what Torrefaction is? 

No worries, you’re in the majority!  This process involves roasting and compressing wood chips into a pellet or briquette form. The solid biofuel that is produced can be easily co-fired or fired in existing pulverized coal power plants and has considerable advantages compared to other biomass fuels.

Funded by the U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities, this project as a whole will create a demand for non-marketable timber, forest thinnings, and bring value to immature trees during forest restoration and wildfire reduction efforts. It will provide torrefied wood products for local, national, and overseas market.

 IMI – Biomass Equipment & Installation from a Single-Source 

IMI’s role in the biomass market continues to grow as a national equipment provider; this marks IMI’s sixth Chip Dryer installation. Previous installations at biomass facilities are in North Carolina and Georgia. IMI Chip Dryers can dry woody biomass down to a low double-digit percentage of moisture content. This reduction in moisture content creates an energy-dense fuel that is easy to transport and store. In addition to providing our dryer technology, IMI can provide a turn-key project installing the balance of plant systems, such as torrefaction, pellet mill operations, and material handling.

Owners & Partners:

 Additional information:  Northwest Public Broadcasting Article October 7, 2018