Rig & Lift

IMI recently provided rigging services for a client in Winder, GA. We lifted and set an old steam generator on a trailer for removal. From single piece machinery rigging to relocating or dismantling an entire plant, IMI is your single source resource. IMI can provide riggers, machinery movers, millwrights, electricians, and other craftsperson's to assemble [...]

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Penthouse Extension

Last week, IMI completed a project in Oakwood, Georgia, for our client that manufactures PVC pipe.  We designed, fabricated, and installed a three story mezzanine for an extruder system. Additionally, we completed a total line installation, baler system, and an unloader. The "penthouse extension" was installed through the roof of the building, using an IMI [...]

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Team Work

This stainless-steel structure, a jib crane and platform, was designed by IMI’s Engineering department and fabricated in-house by our Stainless-Steel Fabrication shop.  The design of the platform was incorporated into our Client’s 3D model of this area at their facility.  By using these 3D modeling techniques, we are able to ensure the perfect fit and [...]

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Pipe Fabrication

IMI partnered with another local Power and Industrial contractor to fabricate water transferring piping for a large utility plant. We produced shop drawings off of isometrics, allowing us to fabricate several spool pieces to assemble a pump station. All fabrication fell in compliance with required specifications.  Finished product was hydro tested and painted prior to [...]

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Concrete Solutions

IMI recently assisted a client with a 9x3 fan that needed more stability before being installed.  We drilled 6"x6" access holes in the metal fan base. Then, using vibration techniques to ensure there were no air bubbles or gaps, IMI filled the base with concrete. The fan will be installed for our client & their [...]

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IMI recently engineered, fabricated, and installed a platform on a clarifier at a groundwater remediation site. Our structural team specializes in the design and fabrication of structural steel platforms, mezzanines, stairs and crossovers. IMI's in-house expert engineering team provides custom designs as well as standard applications, and your personal Project Manager will work closely with [...]

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Foundation and Excavation

IMI Industrial Services Group recently completed a construction project for a Client in Winder, GA. Scope of work included but not limited to: Creating engineered drawings for structural steel. rails, pit cover, and access ladder. Removing existing steel plate and existing structural steel supports Providing and install shoring in (3) pits Performing optical alignment for [...]

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