Special Fabrication

IMI recently engineered and fabricated a gathering pot and a dispersion pot to separate plastic pellets for a client in Covington, Georgia. The Engineering team at IMI took the conceptual drawings from the customer and engineered the part to fit their specifications.  After design review from the customer, our Fabrication team got to work on [...]

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Surface Plating

IMI's specialty fabrication shop recently completed this part for a client in Trenton, SC. The part is carbon steel and plated with Electroless nickel. Electroless nickel plating or "ENP" offers excellent corrosion resistance to common corrodents such as salt water, carbon dioxide, oxygen and hydrogen sulphide. It additionally provides good hardness and wear resistance properties. [...]

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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the site, Everyone was working, the schedule was tight!   The moon was rising, the deadline was near, “We’re under the budget!” Ashley yells with a cheer.   Project owners were nestled all snug in their shops, While knowing the quality, of course, will be tops!   A [...]

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Building Big

IMI Industrial Services Group is continuing the process of fabricating two large scale smelter loaders for a Carrollton, Georgia, client. Our AWS certified welders in our Structural Shop are working diligently to complete this project by the first of the year. IMI's quality assurance, procurement, and fabrication teams have the experience to provide the construction [...]

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Specialty Fabrication

IMI just finished fabricating a stainless-steel double chute for a Client in Athens that will be attached to the bottom of a tank, dispersing material to two different locations. In our dedicated stainless-steel shop, we utilize mechanical polishing and electropolishing to meet Customers’ specific Ra values, to an Ra 5. We can design, fabricate, and [...]

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Parts on Demand

IMI Industrial Services Group's machine shop is in the process of fabricating a 57-inch curing clamp for a client in Augusta, Georgia, that will become part of a larger assembly. Custom clamps can be made in IMI’s shop to make life easier for your employees, improve quality in your processes, and increase productivity while reducing [...]

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Large Scale Fabrication

IMI recently fabricated the framework for an oven loader system for a client in Carrollton, Georgia. This immense structure stands 24' x 24'. Our overhead crane and fabrication floor space in the dedicated structural fabrication shop allows us to complete large scale projects. Our client provided the engineered blueprints and IMI took it from there. [...]

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Across States for our Customers

IMI Industrial Services Group recently traveled to Yucca, Arizona for one of current clients to discuss an expansion project. Although IMI provides the majority of support to Georgia and southern states,  larger more complex jobs do not tie us to the Southeast region. We will continue to serve our loyal customers, wherever they are located. [...]

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Dust it Off

IMI Industrial Services Group recently fabricated and installed a dust collector and vent hood for a facility in Atlanta, Georgia. Hoods are perfect for capturing dust from tools without adequate dust ports such as lathes, drills, and miter saws. When industrial dust collection equipment is integrated into a facility, it can maximize the removal of [...]

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