Firmly intent on high quality production, we commit to safety first, work built right the first time, and delivering the highest value to our clients.


We shape industry

What began as a small group of industrial specialists has grown into a single-source specialty contractor that tackles the toughest industrial contracting jobs. Founder Don Phillips started as an industrial maintenance superintendent and spent his days dealing with many different contractors. Realizing there was no one to take primary responsibility, he set out to establish a single point of contact, put together a small group of specialized craftsmen, partnered with a local machine shop and thus began Industrial Mechanical Incorporated.

In the 35-years since we started, IMI has turned into an industrial contracting powerhouse with the ability to perform all major craft trades, including machining and fabrication, on location and at our expansive Watkinsville campus. We have helped in reducing water consumption by repurposing condensation and extended the viability of America’s aging manufacturing plants with structural reinforcement. We design. We build. We install and maintain — we keep industry running.

Everything we do thrives on our strong core principles defined by our founder. Don believed that the quality of work, company integrity, employee safety and a high level of production together would establish the solid cornerstone essential for company growth and longevity.

IMI thrives on challenges. Our reputation has been built by the successful completion of impossible jobs. Sometimes those challenges required looking at the task from a different angle, and coming up with an innovative solution. With decades of training on demanding jobs, IMI is well-equipped to handle the most rigorous project across multiple industries.

IMI’s largest asset is our loyal and experienced people. Dedicated to quality work, safety and integrity, our leaders accept responsibility for every action. Our management team is composed of 25- and 30- year company employees. Many of our craftsmen now have sons or daughters joining the trade. Furthermore, from millwright to VP, all employees benefit from ongoing intensive training and enjoy the close-knit family atmosphere at IMI.

A national company, IMI self-performs up to 100% of its work, with a large, company owned equipment fleet and a highly skilled labor force.


Our facilities feature state-of-the art equipment, allowing us to custom manufacture quality products of different size and use.

IMI offices and shop facilities located in Watkinsville, GA

  • Machining & Fabrication
  • Stainless Steel Facility

  • Structural Steel Fabrication

  • Fleet Maintenance

  • Safe Workforce Development Center

  • Blasting and Painting Plant

  • Automated Cutting

  • Field Services

  • Electrical Division

  • Piping and Modular Fabrication

Design. Build. Install. Maintain.

The total solution for safe, timely, cost-efficient projects.

Lear how our core values drive IMI