IMI offers surface preparation and painting services that complement your entire project.

Blasting and painting

Our blasting and painting facility allows us to handle all sizes and shapes ensuring we have the ability and resources to complete your project.

We coat a wide variety of metals, substrates, surfaces and machinery that enhances your wear resistance, rust protection, and weather sustainability properties.

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Painted Platform

Surface preparation & finishing

IMI offers both painting and finishing services to our clients. Depending on the surface, the machine and the environment, a different blasting, paint or finish method may be required. IMI has the expertise to consult you on which method to use, and the tools to get the job done.

Paint Shop
  • Acrylics

  • Epoxy – 100% solids

  • Zinc –  inorganic & organic

  • Submersible rated

  • Alkyds – water & oil

  • Coal tar epoxy

  • Epoxy phenolic

  • Urethanes – 100% (expanded and unexpanded)

  • Urethanes – aliphatic & aromatic

  • Latex

  • Silicon based systems

  • High heat systems

  • Nuclear rated

  • Abrasive blasting

  • Garnet

  • Glass beads

  • Single use & recycled media

  • Power tool cleaning

  • Hand tool cleaning

  • Water washing and jetting

  • Wheelabrator

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