Need to remove the complexity from complex projects?

Single point of contact

The key to IMI’s unique approach to specialty contracting is our ability to source and manage various trades in-house. Keeping these groups on schedule, on budget and working together is overseen by a dedicated IMI Project Manager.

A central player, every IMI project manager has an enormous range of capabilities in every operational phase your project might require: design, engineering, building and installation. Dependable, resourceful and accountable, you can trust your assigned project manager to coordinate and oversee your project from beginning to end.

We know it’s not just our reputation on the line; it’s yours too.

We take our responsibilities as seriously as you take yours.

That’s why every step of every operation is checked and documented, in a strict end-to-end quality management system. From one stage to the next, any problems are prevented before they even think of showing up.

Obsessive attention to detail means no surprises. Prefer us to use your own company standards or QC system? No problem.

Safety isn’t just a slogan here; it’s central to everything we do.

As seriously as we take our assignments, there is no project or schedule important enough to put a worker’s safety at risk. Full-time safety coordinators at IMI are continually up-to-date with OSHA, MSHA and other safety certifications and standards.

Under their watchful eye, every employee learns how to assess and avoid risk. SDS documents are reviewed for proper handling of hazards. Safety is our number one priority; safety first is our promise.

Critical issue at 4am? It’s not your problem. It’s ours.

When you choose IMI as your single-source contractor, you don’t even have to figure out which system is the source of the problem. We’ll immediately assess the issue and deploy the right team.

You can rest assured, help is on the way.

What ensures both cost control and quicker turnarounds?

In a word: efficiency. Streamlined planning and production systems at IMI keep your project moving along, with careful integration of all the necessary operations. Every phase is handled with the same degree of can-do efficiency.

Tired of having a supply chain glitch throw off the entire project schedule? You now have a single contact at a single-source contractor, and we’re not going to let that happen.

Why companies have chosen IMI as their specialty contractor.

Our clients say they just have a better experience here. They have confidence that the job will get done right, and on time. And they appreciate the flexibility and responsiveness here that helps them become heroes at their own organizations.

IMI is big enough to have all the necessary resources, but small enough to give genuinely helpful personalized attention to everyone who puts their trust in us. If we find any way to improve the quality or cost-efficiency of deliverables, we consider that part of the job.

Have an upcoming project? Tell us about it.

Maybe quality went down with your current contractor, or maybe you just want to check out the best options for a new initiative. We’ll ask a few questions so we can put you in touch with an IMI project manager.

In person or by phone, your project manager will address project requirements, as well as any questions, expectations or concerns you might have. If you’re looking for options, we’ll prepare multiple pricing plans to help you balance needs and budget.

Any job. Any where. Any time.

A self-perform contractor, IMI takes pride in our dedicated, highly trained and experienced workforce.

Safety First Always