Design, Fabricate, and Install

IMI Industrial Services Group supported a wood OSB plant in Alabama where we designed, fabricated, and installed an outfeed conveyor which unloads bundles of OSB, oriented strand board, for distribution. Conveyors are commonly rebuilt and remanufactured by IMI's team.  We can remove your old equipment, redesign, and reinstall a newly fabricated, or rebuilt, conveyor system [...]

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Refurbishing Equipment

IMI recently took an old, damaged compactor and loading system from a fiberglass manufacturing facility in Athens, Georgia, and rebuilt, refurbished, and reinstalled it giving it new life & allowing the client to get more years out of their equipment. This conveyor feeds damaged, yet still useful, product into the compactor. As seen in the [...]

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Installation of Stainless Tanks

IMI recently installed nine stainless steel tanks at a home care products manufacturing facility in Atlanta, GA. Engineering of the tanks was completed by Matrix Engineering Group, Inc. The IMI team worked closely with their Senior Project Manager to help the installation run smoothly. IMI Industrial Services Group is happy to work side-by-side with local [...]

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On the Catwalk… yea!

IMI recently engineered and fabricated a catwalk to go around an RTO at a medical plant in Covington, GA. Determining a catwalk design has many variables including structural construction, elevation information, and bearing capacity. These catwalks must prevent slipping and include precautions against fall injuries with added railings/supports that will withstand external pressure and meet [...]

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Equipment Rebuilds

IMI’s Machine Shop provides machining for large varieties of projects and takes pride in solving complex problems. We offer 24/7 emergency repair services to keep your plant up and running when it matters most, including machinery rebuilds like the one pictured here for a bottling company in Athens, GA. With precision machining capabilities and skilled [...]

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CNC Machines

IMI provides CNC services for a wide range of industries including medical, pharmaceutical, automotive, aerospace, and industrial. Our CNC experts are involved every step of the way, from initial quote to final production, ensuring the success of your product. IMI's machine shop is superior in manufacturing of mass production, turnkey products and prototypes of CNC [...]

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Arm Assembly

IMI fabricated, tested, and installed two arm assembly supports for a facility in Griffin, GA in order for manufacturer to perform motor exhaust testing. EPA regulations specify particular test procedures to measure engine emission levels. Production line (or assembly line) testing audits emission levels of vehicles or engines that are in production, but not yet [...]

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Air Compressor Install

IMI Industrial Services Group installed a 18,000 lbs. air compressor for a client in Fairburn, Georgia. As we do with all rigging jobs, our mechanical team formed a detailed rigging plan in order to balance the weight distribution.  Unlike most jobs, IMI only had a tight opening in the building’s exterior through which the compressor [...]

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Valve Repair (video)

IMI Industrial Services Group recently refaced the ceiling surface of a valve body, or plug, used for a large hydroelectric plant dam. The plug is commonly used to control a valve that releases water from the bottom outlet lines in a dam.  Hydropower plants and dam walls are subjected to enormous pressure; all materials and [...]

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Fabricating Daily

IMI's certified welders and fitters fabricate spools and equipment skids on a daily basis. Our fabrication shops offer a range of fabrication services including structural, sheet metal, welded assemblies to custom proprietary solutions and custom finishes. Efficiencies in our operations deliver cost savings and value-added services to all our customers. Give us a call with [...]

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