Building REAL big

Here at IMI Industrial Services Group, fabrication work is never boring. Our skilled craft employees are always reaching to new heights and accomplishing projects others would deem impossible. Recently, IMI engineered, fabricated and delivered a rotary dryer to a Client in Athens, Georgia, that needed a police escort to be delivered. It was a jaw [...]

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Roll Rebuilds

Here at IMI Industrial Services Group, we re-build, refinish, and repair fabricated rolls in-house to reduce costs for our customers. IMI’s machinists and fabrication team utilize stringent steps to ensure customers receive a product that meets their design specification and has excellent life spans. Our 24/7 emergency repair services keep your plant up and running [...]

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Top Notch Employees

IMI Industrial Services Group Engineering department is comprised of three Engineers that apply mechanical, electrical, civil and structural engineering to develop solutions and improvements for our clients. From concept to completion, they have the proven design experience to make any project successful. The IMI engineering group compliments the expert trades within IMI by providing turn-key projects [...]

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Campus Capabilities

Did you know IMI Industrial Services Group has over 100,000 square feet of fabrication area at our main campus? We own 9 buildings here in Industrial Park in Watkinsville, Georgia. Our capabilities have tremendously grown over the last 34 years. Check out our latest campus drone video that details inside our shops.

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Hydro Fabrication

IMI Industrial Services Group recently built trash racks for the Barletts Ferry Dam for a large Power Group. The dam, located on a narrow part of the Chattahoochee River, plays a vital role in providing electricity to consumers. The trash racks remove debris and trash from a hydropower station. Metal screens are placed over a [...]

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IMI Industrial Services Group is currently fabricating a new screen system that will be installed at an OSB board plant in Commerce, GA with the outer shell posted in the picture. The screen is designed with a rotary drum inside that will sort different size material when processed and built for high volume flow during [...]

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Rotary Dryer Move

IMI Industrial Services Group is currently in the midst of fabricating a stainless steel vacuum rotary dryer for a client in Athens, Georgia. Currently under construction, IMI used its company owned cranes to flip the dryer in order to continue fabrication of the other end. The dryer will eventually be installed at the customer's main [...]

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Powerful Lift

IMI Industrial Services Group team of Millwrights and Riggers recently installed a 24-foot walk board for a Client in Covington, Georgia. We used a 250-ton Liebherr crane, which is a solid choice if you’re looking for something powerful in a small package. This crane has a 236′ main boom to reach great heights, but the [...]

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Air Compressor Installation

IMI Industrial Services Group recently installed an air compressor for a client in Atlanta, Georgia. An air compressor can be a significant investment for a manufacturer, however the advantages it brings can be very valuable for a facility. They provide a steady flow of compressed air for long periods of time and can take fluctuating [...]

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Up and Up

IMI is in the midst of completing a project in Covington, Georgia, for a chemical manufacturer that includes Piping, Mechanical Installation, and Fabrication services all done in house. Last week, our piping division fabricated and installed pipe and support brackets to move material along a silo. The project will continue throughout the next couple of [...]

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