‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the site,

Everyone was working, the schedule was tight!


The moon was rising, the deadline was near,

“We’re under the budget!” Ashley yells with a cheer.


Project owners were nestled all snug in their shops,

While knowing the quality, of course, will be tops!


A merry grand opening, a ribbon to snip,

With IMI Industrial, no corners were clipped.


Mark in his hardhat, and Karl scoping the site,

Reassuring the Client, everything will be alright!


Gregg finished the numbers, the budget assured,

But hark, what’s that noise that we all just heard?


On the top of the roof of RWDC,

A man, dressed in red, with a green Christmas tree.


His laughter contagious, his tummy so round,

But when Ralph cut the power, ole’ Santa fell down.


And even though Kirby was there,

Santa didn’t listen when told to tie off in the air.


What to do now, who will drive the sleigh?

John was not in the mood in to step in and play.


Dirk became worried and started pacing around,

He knew Christmas Eve was not a time to clown.


Jim rolled his eyes, another man short,

He was used to employee excuses likes coughs or court.


The IMI team brainstormed down to the bone,

Then concluded to replace St. Nick with one of their own!



This would work, right? Then there was a very long pause…


The crew thought silently, then Dorey spoke first,

“I think Lee should do it!” then Lee began to curse.


Michelle interrupted with a dazzling solution,

“How about Corey, with his knowledge of distribution?”


It couldn’t be Scott – he slimmed down the most of us all.

What should we do? Who should we call?


Could it be Morgann, our Networking Pro?

Will all know with a new baby, Josh is a no.


Maybe Tracey, she could handle a room full of deer,

Ah what about our Bill, he’s got the Christmas cheer!


Chris in his shop could finish all the toys,

And bring smiling faces to all the girls and boys.


How about the two Mike’s, it would take them ½ as long,

Not a chance in hell – their trucks were already gone.


LaToya couldn’t do it; she was always on call.

Jeremy has no white beard, and Wiley, well he’s bald.


Doug’s a contender, a smile always seen,

And Steve Miller, he’s an option, he’s never been mean.


With Mimi in her kerchief and Tom in his hat,

They were just settling in for a long winters nap.


So who will be Santa, who is St. Nick?

Who brings us joy, who knows the gift trick?


The answer is clear – we all know what suits,

Don Phillips is the one to wear the boots.


He springs to his feet and loads up his truck,

Takes a big swig of coffee to wake up hell up!


In his Chevy he shouts out as he rolls out of sight,

“Merry Christmas to all….and to all a good night!”