Concrete Apron Project

Our company recently completed a three day project replacing a concrete main entrance for a Client in Winder, Georgia. The project included tasks such as safety planning, redirecting plant traffic, asphalt removal, excavating the sub-grade, and contaminate analysis. We installed the new entrance with rebar and concrete, and saw cut the control joints. Call us [...]

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Routing and Supports

IMI Industrial Services Group recently supported a Customer's piping & instrument design to fabricate and install supports for a water temperature control system that tests large diesel engines. The routing and supports were mostly welded carbon steel; chilled, tower, and process water will flow through them. The project had multiple challenges including designing the routing [...]

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Christmas Parade

IMI Industrial Services Group had a wonderful time participating in the 2020 Watkinsville Christmas Parade! Each float had to represent a movie theme and IMI chose Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. With our fabrication and piping abilities, we mimicked the underground sewer of the Ninja Turtles and showed off our Christmas spirit to our community. The [...]

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Conduit Run

IMI Industrial Services Group’s electrical team recently ran conduit for a food manufacturer in Commerce, Georgia. Bending conduit is an artform on its own.  Add in closely following safety guidelines, customer specifications, and local codes, and you have a job that our technicians will excel at.  Our team of technicians were able to complete this [...]

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Team Recognition

IMI Industrial Services Group would like to recognize five imperative team members who assisted in the Torrefaction project in John Day, Oregon. While continuously working towards completion, these employees supported the goals & objectives of the US Endowment for Forestry and Communities. They worked through multiple weather events and site challenges, staying malleable, and dedicated [...]

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Dust Collector

IMI Industrial Services Group recently installed an AIS dust collector in Griffin, Georgia. The installation began mid-September and was 95% completed by October 8th using a skilled staff of three mechanical team members and four electrical team members.  The IMI Electrical team will be finishing up the project by running 30 feet of conduit into the [...]

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IMI’s Structural Fabrication Shop

IMI Industrial Services Group Structural Fabrication facility can meet the needs for any Client. Our full service, AISC compliant structural shop can perform surface preparation, cutting, drilling, fabrication, surface coatings, and installation. IMI's fabrication team produces quality structural systems from carbon steel, aluminum, and stainless. From mezzanines and catwalks to pipe bridges and steel buildings, [...]

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We’re in This Together

To our customers, Thank you for your business, we would like you to know how we are addressing COVID-19. As of March 24th, 2020, we are continuing to operate and provide the best service to our manufacturing partners across the Southeast. Our workforce remains strong, with no reported or suspected cases of COVID-19.  We are [...]

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Bulk Line Robotic Palletizer

Recently, IMI Industrial Services Group installed another Robotic Palletizer for a client in Atlanta, Georgia. This equipment provides our customer the most competitive edge in the market, giving them speed and complex product configuration movement. The precision and reliability of the system ensures rapid delivery of product to its retailers and [...]

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IMI is U-Stamp and R-Stamp Certified

IMI Industrial Services Group has recently earned its U-Stamp certification in addition to the R-Stamp certification. The ASME Code U-Stamp certification allows IMI to manufacture coded pressure vessels. The National Board R-Stamp Certification allows IMI to make repairs and/or alterations to coded pressure vessels per the National Board Inspection Code. Obtaining these certifications was an [...]

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